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Alien armpit is a crayon made by Crayola, a famous color pencil and crayon producer. This color comes from Silly Scents and the color is approximated. Their is no evidence to prove that alien armpit's representative color is this color and it is impossible to have a different color in an armpit! Therefore, this crayon color is only for creative and fun only.

Colors and hex codes[]

In COLOURlovers, two people created a hex code for alien armpit. The most nearest color to Wikipedia is created by Sundancer, whose hex code is #90D502.

Another people is Pink Rose who created a hex code for this color too. However, it is lighter and more yellow. It's hex code is C8D839. It is said that it matches egg yolk more, which hex code is #FBD16F (image generated to CSS Drive).

Alien Armpit
Hex code
/'eɪlɪən ˈɑ:mpɪt/
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